Shiba Inu Portrait by Lorraine Gray

Shiba Inu Portrait

This lovely Shiba Inu dog is called Shika. Shika’s portrait is painted in pastels and is the size 16” x 14”. My client contacted me to have a dog portrait painted as a gift for a birthday. He had some really lovely photos to work from. The size chosen is my most popular size. It is perfect for head/neck studies of all types of breed of dogs. I have also done horse portraits in this size too.

Shiba Inu Portrait – Supplied framed

Paintings can be either framed or unframed. My client chose framed so he could give the complete dog portrait package as his gift. The frame the client chose complements the colours beautifully. It is one of my narrow moulding frames. A nice dark chocolate brown. You will see by the work in progress photos how I build up those lovely colours in Shika’s fur.

Shiba Inu
Building up Shika’s colours
Shiba Inu Painting
Detail in the fur

Although I work from just one photo for the portrait, it is nice to see other photos so I can capture the essence and character of the dog. If the colouring in the original photo to be worked from is slightly off I can get colours from other photos that are closer to the right colour. I also like to hear from the client what the character of the dog is like. It often shows in their photos, but it’s also nice to hear a bit of history about the dog.

Framed Shiba Inu Portrait
Final framed portrait of Shika

If you are interested in getting a dog portrait for yourself or perhaps as a gift for a loved one please contact me for more information.

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