Frame Samples

The portraits that I create can be supplied framed or unframed. The prices for my artwork are for unframed portraits. This suits those who want to use a local frame supplier they like. It can also mean lower postal costs. For those who want the portrait supplied framed I can quote and supply on this basis. This page lists a small sample of the most popular frames I tend to use.  I have many frames to choose from, ranging from large chunky deluxe frames which are ideal for Oil paintings or large pastel portraits,  down to narrow frames which suit the small Pastel paintings, or clients that prefer to frame their pet portrait in a narrow moulding to suite their decor.  I can supply you with images upon request.   

Premium Frames - Oils or Pastels


This lovely Oak frame looks stunning on a pastel portrait of your pet or an oil painting. The width size is approx 46mm. For an oil you can have a canvas slip within the frame trimmed with gold or left plain.  Just email me your choice and I will quote you for the liner.

C39 Oak Wood Frame
C39 - Oak Wood
C39 - OAK WOOD framed
Dog Portrait in C39 Oak Wood Frame

This dog oil painting had no liner.  You can have this frame plain or with a canvas liner within the frame

W187 Darker Wood

This frame is 52mm wide and is  a lovely chunky frame that would suit Oils or Pastels.  With Oils you can choose to have the canvas liner or leave plain.  For pastels the frame would have a mount inside with glass and backing.  The portraits will be strung and ready to hang on your wall.

Dark Wood W187 Frame
Dark Wood W187 Frame
German Shepherd Portrait In Oils
Framed German Shepherd Oil Portrait

This German Shepherd Portrait was painted in oils using this lovely dark wood frame.  The painting canvas size was 16″ x 12″.  You can have this frame for Oil Portraits or Pastels.  The frame sets off the colours of the dog beautifully. For Oils you could have a canvas slip/liner inside or leave it as it is, like this client did.

Ref L - Dark Wood II

This lovely chunky darker wood frame is approx 3″ wide and trimmed with gold.  It is also available without the gold trim.  Here you will see the client wanted a slim canvas liner/slip within the frame.  This is plain but you can also have a gold trim on this too.  See Liner choice on my frame page.  Below are two pet portraits that are framed differently.  One has the plain liner and the other without.

Dark Wood II
Dark Wood II
Darker Wood II - Framed One
Cat Portrait in Dark Wood II frame

Ref C22 - Gold

Frame Width 64mm. This large chunky gold frame is ideal for oils or pastels.  For the oils it can have a canvas liner inside which and be plain or have a think gold edge to it.  The combination of the frame with the liner is lovely.  For pastels there would be no need for the liner.  There would be a cream mount with glass and backing.  Your portrait would be strung and ready to hang on your wall.

Ref C30 - Stressed Gold

Frame width 46mm. This large distressed gold is ideal for Oils or Pastels. For pastels there will be a cream mount and glass and backing.  For your oil portrait you could have it plain as it is or you could have a canvas liner slip inside which can be plain or have a thin gold edge to it.
C30 Stressed Gold
C30 Stressed Gold

Ref P52 - Black / Gold II

This lovely Premium frame is Black and has a thicker gold trim on the outer edge and a narrower gold trim on the inner edge.  A beautiful modern frame that will suit any house with their lovely pet portrait inside. approx 43mm wide.

(note..  the outside edge/side of the frame is black)

Black Gold II
Black / Gold II

Ref P43 - Black Curved

This lovely chunky black wood frame has a curve and is 49mm wide.  This frame will look stunning for your pet portrait in pastels or oils.  With oils you could have it plain or have a canvas slip/liner inside which can be plain canvas or have a gold edging to it.  Stunning!

P43 Black Curved
P43 Black Curved

Ref P33 - Black

This lovely chunky black wood frame has a curve that goes inwards.  The frame width is approx 49mm. This frame will look stunning on any style of pet portrait in either pastels or oils.  For oils you can have it plain as it is or you can add a small canvas liner/slip inside which can be plain canvas or be trimmed with gold.  Stunning!

P33 Black Frame
P33 Black Frame

Ref W58 - Stressed Silver

This lovely distressed silver frame is lovely and chunky and would suit Oil pet portraits or Pastel paintings.  For the oils you can have it as it is or have a canvas liner/slip made inside.  The liner can be plain or have a gold trim. The frame width is approx 64mm wide. For pastels a cream 2″ mount will be provided.

Stressed Silver
W58 Stressed Silver

Ideal frames for pastel portraits

W180 Dark Wood

This lovely darker wood frame particularly suits black labrador portraits.  It really brings out their colouring, particularly their lovely brown eyes! The frame is ideal for pastel pet portraits.  I supply a cream mount within this frame or a colour of your choice. The frame width is approx 35mm.

W180 Dark Wood Frame
W180 Dark Wood Frame
cocker spaniel portrait
Cocker Spaniel frame size 16" x 14"

Ref M46 - Silver

This lovely stressed silver frame will suit any decor and pet.  It has a handmade distressed effect on it.  It is suitable for a pastel portrait of your dog. The frame will be supplied with a cream mount inside or a colour of your choice. The frame is 29mm wide. I do have a wider version of this frame if you would like a larger version let me know.

M46 Silver Frame
M46 Silver Frame

Ref B52 - Ornate Gold

This lovely gold frame will suit any style pet portrait in pastels.  The frame will come with a cream mount inside or a colour of your choice. The width of the frame is 3.6cm width.

Ornate Gold Frame
B52 Ornate Gold
Ornate Gold Framed
Dog Portrait in B52 Ornate Gold frame

This lovely dog was painted in Charcoal and the frame size is 16″ x 12″.  The gold complements the dark Charcoal.  I always paint my pet portraits in Pastels or Oils, but the client asked if I could do Charcoal for his portrait.  Charcoal has a completely different look to pastels or oils.  It was really nice to do something different.

Ref W256 - Black

Black frames are becoming more popular.  This black frame is flat and is 23mm wide. The frame will be supplied with a pale cream mount or a colour of your choice. 

W256 Frame
W256 Black Frame
bernese mountain dog portrait
Bernese in W256 Frame

This Bernese Mountain dog portrait in pastels was painted in the frame size 20″ x 24″. The black frame suits the colouring of the dog beautifully.

REF B101 - Silver

This lovely Silver frame has a gold undertone to it.  Depending on lighting conditions.  The frame width is 24mm.  Ideal for pastel portraits.  There is also a Wider version of this frame which is 29mm wide and is better for the larger sized pastel pet portraits.

B101 - Silver Frame
Framed dog portrait

This Sheltie portrait is painted in pastels.  The frame size is 16″ x 14″ with a cream mount which sets off the colouring of the dog beautifully.  The frame shows more gold here than in real life.  It is a Silver frame that will pick up gold reflected light.  An excellent choice for the fur colour of this beautiful dog.

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