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Lorraine Gray & Dog
My name is Lorraine Gray and I am a professional pet portrait artist living near Royal Ascot and Windsor in Berkshire, England. I have been painting commissioned Pet Portraits professionally for over 20 years.  
Since being a small child I always had the love to draw any animal I could.  I remember the first animal I ever drew was of a goat!.  He was called Mr Grumps.  As I was growing up art was always my passion and my hobby.  I have been very lucky that my hobby was able to be turned into my profession.  I am a completely self taught artist, always just drawing from what I feel and see from my subject.  Many of my clients say that I capture the soul as well as the likeness of their pet.
I offer Pastels or Oils.  Originally I only offered pastels, but over the years I have found Oils are becoming more and more popular.  They both give a different feel to each other.  Pastels are soft and have a very ‘real’ feel to them.  Oils are real, rich and colourful. Many of my commissioned paintings are sent worldwide.  USA, Canada, Kenya, Malta and of course the UK!
In December 2006 I exhibited in the Kennel Club Exhibition in Piccadilly, London.  Both of my paintings sold the first day!
On the 26th July 2007 I appeared on the BBC1 TV programme ‘Animal Rescue Live’.  Broadcasting live from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, where I painted a portrait of the featured dog called Pavarotti, who was looking for his forever home.  He had been at the rescue centre for three years.  Presenters were Selina Scott and Matt Baker.  I had such a lovely day at Battersea and even better is that Pavarotti got his forever home!
In 2012 I was the Author of a book, now being sold on Amazon and other leading book stores. How to paint pet portraits in Oils or Acrylics. Since then I have been one of several Authors in two other books on how to paint animals in oils.
Dogs, cats and horses are not the only animals I have painted over the years.  I have painted birds, rats, rabbits, goats, leopards, giraffes and also a highland cow!
I have owned several dogs over the years.  A Whippet cross who lived to be 15 years old.  A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a German Shepherd Cross and our current dog is a German Shepherd.  I love working at my easel and having my dog lay by my feet whilst I work.  The perfect job in the world!

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